Trail Review: Upper and Lower Ammonoosuc Waterfalls

This past weekend we celebrated Megan’s birthday by spending a horrible night at the Mount Washington Resort, (read our review here)

After we slept off our disappointment, we awoke Sunday with a new plan for the day and vowing to do something non-hotel related.

We planned our adventure around seeing two great waterfalls, one being the Upper and Lower Ammonoosuc Falls and the other being The Flume which we talk about here.

Check out this video we made of our trip, the first half is dedicated to Upper and Lower Ammonoosuc Waterfalls, and the other half to the Flume.

Finding the Falls

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Finding the Ammonoosuc Falls was pretty easy, even easier then the reviews had said. From the Mount Washington Resort we heading a whole quarter miles back towards Franconia and made a right hand turn just before Faybeans Restaurant onto the Mount Washington Cog Railway Base Station Road.

We drove 2-3 miles down the road before seeing a large trail sign placed with a dirt turn off.

This looked like the place!

Upper Ammonoosuc Falls

After we got out of the truck, we quickly read the trail sign and headed down the 200 foot trail that dumped us straight into the Upper Ammonoosuc Falls! Shortest Trail Ever!

The falls were gorgeous! They had a great run off dumping into a massive pool that looked at least 15 feet deep. The sound of the running water was perfect and we hung out for a bit taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Next to the falls looks like a wider path for Snowmobiles and Cross Country skiers which leads to the beautiful bridge that overlooks like falls. We took some more pictures and checked out the falls from above.

Lower Ammonoosuc Falls

After we got our waterfall fix on we decided to go find the Lower Ammonoosuc Falls, which we read is about .1 miles south of upper falls. We couldn’t find an appropriate trail heading down stream, but we remembered another car turn off roughly .1 miles south on the road we drove up.

We opted to drive down the road and park at the other turn off.

We found another smaller trail sign, and headed off into the woods on what seemed like a paved road hidden behind a large dirt berm. Clearly they didn’t want vehicles coming down it.

After walking down the road for a bit, we noticed some obvious trails to our right and decided to see for ourselves.

We followed the noise of massive amounts of running water to lead us down some criss-crossed trials before finally finding the lower falls. The forest around here is pretty wide open, so getting lost or loosing your bearings shouldn’t be an issue. Just head towards the sound of a waterfall and you’ll find it!

The Lower Ammonoosuc Falls falls wasn’t as impressive as its upper big brother, but none the less something we could check off on our days list of waterfalls.

We headed back the way we came, essentially just heading back in the general direction of the paved trail until we hit it, and then turned left until we headed the big berm and our truck.

Trail Rating: Easy

Category Rating Comments
Length 1 0.2 Miles
Terrain 1 No obstacles
Slope 1 No slope whatsoever.
Navigation 1 The Upper falls is incredibly simple, the lower falls we found no direct or marked trail, but it was easy to find.
Fitness Level 1 Short walk

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