The Gear You Need to Enjoy Hiking in the Rain

Most Hikers absolutely hate hiking in the rain.

It’s wet, cold, uncomfortable, and everything gets soaked.

But, what if I told you that if you get caught out in the back country in a rain storm, you don’t have to hate the rain — you can embrace it and possibly even learn to love it.

When it comes to any type of hiking, you always want to be ready for any weather that could happen.

Especially when it comes to hiking in New England, the weather can literally change at any moment leaving you wet, cold, hot, and uncomfortable.

Having the correct gear for any weather will help keep you comfortable and out on the trail in any elements from rain, snow, and sun.

Rain Jacket

In this post, we talked about how to layer for New England Hiking.

(In fact we even recently talked about one of our favorite hiking rain jackets here.)

We totally stand by the types of jackets we talked about and highly recommend you have a good packable jacket with you out on any hike.

Rain Pants

Most hikers overlook how valuable your legs are when it comes to hiking. Most buy expensive jackets to keep their upper bodies warm and dry but totally forget about the lower body.

Your legs when uncovered can lose just as much heat as your upper body, and when your underwear becomes wet and bogged down — it can mean some seriously uncomfortable hiking.

Most outlets just like REI provide awesome rain pants that are quick to deploy and slip over your hiking pants or shorts.

Using breathable rain pants when it gets wet can help you keep heat, stay dry, and keep you chugging along until your either back to a campsite, car, or good stopping place.

Protect Your Pack

We’ve all heard about water-resistant pack covers that most hiking packs come with. They cover your backpack to keep the water off and the things inside dry.

However these pack covers are only good in light to moderate rain, and are a temporary solution meant to get you by until you find good cover.

My recommendation would be to buy a few Dry Sacks like the ones made by Sea to Summit and are sold at REI.

Inside the dry sacks put all of your essentials you want to keep extra dry; Like electronics, clothing, food, etc. Then put the dry sacks inside your pack around your other bulkier gear.

When your out hiking in the rain you are guaranteed to get wet, and a pack cover only covers the back half of your pack, let alone the edge that’s to your back.

What’s to stop the water running between your jacket and pack from seeping in? That’s exactly the purpose of those dry sacks inside your pack, they are designed to keep your essentials dry and good to go.

My Question to You:

Have you ever been stuck out on the trail in a rainstorm? If so, how did you manage to stay dry or we’re you already prepared with the correct gear?

In the comments below — Let us know how you managed in the rain and what your experience was wet, dry or stuck in shelter.

And as always, if you think anyone could benefit from reading this article please share it with them!

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