Snowshoeing in Maine’s Backcountry

One of the things Megan and I always look forward to is getting the opportunity to spend time in the places we love.

Whether that’s camping in the mountains or visiting friends who live in Maine and New Hampshire, we’ll jump at just about any chance to go up there.

Over New Years, we were invited to spend a long weekend at our friend Molly’s Cabin up in Maine.

We had the amazing opportunity to do this last year as well (although the snow was definitely lacking.)

This year, with the weather forecast calling for two feet of snow between Christmas and New Years at the cabin, we knew we were going to have an incredible time.

Impassable Roads

We pulled up to the long half a mile driveway around 7:30 pm, to find it barely plowed out.

There had definitely been two feet of snow dropped since Christmas.

I put the 4Runner into four-wheel-drive, switched to 4-Lo, turned all of my forward lights on, and began down the snow-covered pot-hole scattered road.

We made it about 200 yards before coming up to two parked vehicles blocking our path forward.

This is apparently where their plow guy gave up a quarter up their half a mile or so driveway.

We instantly knew we were going to be snowshoeing the rest.

Snowshoeing to the Cabin

It was actually a pretty funny scene, we kind of sat there for a minute looking at each other, we thought they were joking.

Molly earlier on the phone said we would be snowshoeing to the cabin, and we just chalked it up as her typical sarcastic manner.

But nope, apparently, she was dead serious.

I got out of the truck and began to organize the gear for the haul to the cabin.

The best part of all of this, this was our first chance getting to use our snowshoes since we bought them nearly two years ago. (The snow just hasn’t been good enough)

I opened the bags, set them down just as Molly arrived at the truck dragging two plastic sleds for us to put our stuff on.

Thankfully, Megan and I both recently invested in some bomber Patagonia Black-hole 90 liter duffle bags, besides being weather-proof, they also double as backpacks.

We loaded the sled with the food and water we brought up, strapped the Patagonia Bags to our backs, and began the trek in the deep snow to the cabin.

The Next Morning

The next morning was pretty simple, we drank coffee, ate breakfast, and made a loose plan for the day to explore the 2-foot deep snow and finally get some serious use out of our snowshoes.

Since there are a bunch of trails crisscrossing Molly’s property, we thought we’d adventure out there to see how things look different in the snow.

We strapped our snowshoes on and immediately began breaking trail.

Molly headed out first, followed by Megan and myself. The snow was literally waist deep in some areas with the snow drifts, and it made for a good workout.

The snow was beautiful and super fluffy, but one of the bad things about snowshoes is they do best on stiff snow.

When the snow is fluffy you still float but tend to sink just enough for some of the fluffy snow to overflow onto the snowshoes, making each step heavy and exhausting.

We walked around for about two hours exploring, and by the end, we were pretty tired so we opted to head back to the cabin, get warm, and eat a late lunch.

Snowy Photoshoot

After lunch, Megan and I ventured outside again to take some portraits and other random pictures. (Plus we had to make a trek to get something in the truck)

We hung out for a bit, walking around snapping pictures and just enjoying the snow.

Back home just 200 miles away, it’s just wet, muddy, and gloomy. We’ve been praying for snow but it just doesn’t seem like were lucky this year.

Low-Key Weekend

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, we hung out mostly playing UNO, with sprinkled bits of snowshoeing and outdoor fun, we broke our UNO record of 9 hours straight and unfortunately Molly took home the win again!

Next year who knows, hopefully, we’ll be back to enjoy even more snow, and take home that UNO trophy and bragging rights.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the other pictures we took while in Maine.

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