Seal Tour with Beachcombers in Chatham, MA

During our week long stay at our families cape house in Cape Cod, MA. We decided to do a little exploring.

We found ourselves at Beachcombers Seal Tours in Chatham, MA for a chance to see seals in their natural habitat.


When we decided we wanted to do something different in the cape other then our usual beach lounging, we took to the internet to search for recommended activities.

We found Beachcomber Seal Tours in Chatham, and with their highly recommended reviews we decided to call and book a tour.

We scheduled our tour for 12pm, thinking that’d leave us a good amount of time to get there from Sandwich, and also leave some time afterwards to explore Chatham’s shops and main street.

Getting There

We arrived at the Beachcombers Seal Tours office, which is not on the water but a boat repair facility. After walking inside, the atmosphere is fun and upbeat and the employees in their matching tie-dye shirts are friendly and nice.

We paid for our adventure, $29 per person (ps: they only accept cash or check) and then they let us know the next shuttle to the docks would be leaving soon.

Going to the Docks

As the time to departing got closer, more and more people arrived. I later found out that 28 of the 29 seats on the boat were filled, and it definitely was a full ride.

Right on time, the giant white beachcombers bus pulled up and we loaded up for the 5 minute drive down to the docks.

Once we arrived to the dock we quickly unloaded the bus and hopped onto the trademark  yellow beachcombers boat.

Beachcombers Seal Tours in Chatham, MA

Starting the Tour and First Seal Sightings

I never caught his name, but our boat driver was the best. He was friendly and enthusiastic, and probably has done this same tour hundreds of times. Yet this felt like he was just as excited as we were.

Not 3 minutes after pushing off from the dock we already saw our first seal. We knew this was going to be exciting.

Beachcombers Seal Tours in Chatham, MA

Hundreds of Seals

After motoring along at idle speed for a bit as we navigated our way out of the harbor we picked up speed and sped towards a big patch of black dots out of the water.

As we got closer and closer those black dots start splashing and moving and we quickly realized that they we’re all seals!

Beachcombers Seal Tours in Chatham, MABeachcombers Seal Tours in Chatham, MA

Touring Chatham Harbor

The tour lasted just about an hour and a half, and we toured the entire Chatham Harbor.

We visited a number of large groups of seals, and made our way to the fishing docks where we witnessed fishing boats unloading their catch of hundreds of fish.

We even got to see some seals snacking on the fish that fell off the fishing boats.

Mouth of Chatham Harbor

In between seal patches and docks we would cruse around at a decent speed. The captain always yelling out to us, “hat check” meaning that typically at these speeds the wind would take your hat off, and there definitely wasn’t any going back for it.

Finally, after cruising about for a bit we reached the mouth of Chatham Harbor where the calm waters of the harbor met with the open ocean. The swells dramatically increased and the captain gave us more of a history lesson and let us know about some great white shark sightings.

The boat turned around and we sped full speed back to where we started.

Beachcombers Seal Tours in Chatham, MA

Final Thoughts

Overall, for $60 and pretty much two hours of entertainment, not to mention seeing animals as a guest in their natural habitat was pretty exciting. We really enjoyed ourselves and would highly recommend anyone checking out Beachcombers Seal Tours.

Click here to view the Beachcombers Seal Tours Website

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