I Purchased a Brand New 2016 Toyota 4Runner

If you’ve been following my build out of my 2014 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X you’ll know that at least once per blog post I mentioned wanting to purchase a Toyota 4Runner, well I’m so excited to say I finally did it!

Here is my beautiful brand new 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition!

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail

Why a Toyota 4Runner

My obsession with wanting to own and build out a Toyota 4Runner came from when I discovered an YouTube reality documentary series called Expedition Overland, it chronicles the adventure of a team driving their built out rigs on all sorts of crazy adventures.

In the show, the team had use of two brand new 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Premiums which they decked to the 9s with incredible gear and mods.

Although it would be incredible to have their $20k–$30k of extra gear that they have, just purchasing the truck drained my bank account for the time being.

I really enjoy the look of the 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner with its mean front grill and bold looks, not to mention all of its crazy off road features like Crawl Control, Multi-Terrain Select, Locking Rear Differential, and more.

It was the perfect choice for someone who is by no means an expert, and still requires comfort as a daily driver.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail

When an Opportunity Comes, Take it!

My journey to purchasing a Toyota 4Runner began in October 2015 when I originally started to see if I could afford the Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium (their top of the line Trail Edition), and go about purchasing one despite being relatively new in a brand new lease.

However don’t get me wrong my 2014 Nissan Xterra was incredible (and had some premium features my new Toyota 4Runner doesn’t have now)

But I quickly outgrew the base of the vehicle in terms of maximum weight it could hold, ability to add modifications like premium expedition roof racks, and the ability to safely mount a roof top tent.

When I spoke with a dealer back in October towards getting me into the Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium they let me know I was $7,000 upside down on my lease going into the Trail Premium and unless I wanted to pay the difference or roll that into my financing of my Toyota 4Runner it just wasn’t possible at the time.

About 6 months later in March 2016, I started inquiring about the Trail Edition, instead of the Trail Premium. The primary differences between the two Toyota 4Runners were the upgraded stereo and SoftTex faux leather seats… which lets be honest are not worth an additional $3k–$4K

The Trail Edition still had all of its major selling points, and I ended up negotiating a price down to $33,000 which was $4k off its MSRP sticker price.

Negotiating My Upside Down Lease

The real challenge looming over this whole process I knew would be getting as much as possible for my upside down lease on the 2014 Nissan Xterra, after doing all of my research I found that the truck was selling for $28K–$31K with the amount of miles I had on the truck (which was basically new with just 17,000 miles).

Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, and other research websites said my truck was valued at $25,000… which just happened to be the exact amount of my lease payoff.

So I had some leverage, knowing both of these numbers and learning that my lease was no longer upside down, we started the negotiations.

After a few back and forth conversations and being incredibly stubborn, we settled on $24,000 for my 2014 Nissan Xterra which covered almost all of my payoff.



Perfect Storm

Essentially wiping out my lease, and paying under MSRP allowed me to easily walk into the Toyota 4Runner keeping my payments essentially the same, and allowed me to move from a lease to a finance to own position.

Now that the ball is in our side of the court, the real fun can begin with a proper build out. Expect some future blog posts of purchasing new tires, roof racks, roof top tent, and more goodies! We’ll be going on some incredible adventures this year!

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When you last purchased/leased a vehicle, what was your car buying experience like?

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4 comments on “I Purchased a Brand New 2016 Toyota 4Runner

  1. Jay on

    Congrats on the new 4runner.! These are also 2 of my favorite vehicles but the xterra is looking a little dated next to the Toyota. I’m on my way to the dealer now to test drive a new Trail.

    • Mike Revelle on

      Oh man we love our 4Runner Trail. We really enjoyed the Xterra, but when it came to looking at it long term, especially when it came to customizing it for overlanding and off road there is just nothing you can really do to the Xterra. We we’re sad to see Nissan discontinue making it — but we don’t regret getting a 4Runenr at all!

  2. Korey on

    I’ve seen plenty of pictures/videos of Xterras with rooftop tents. What information led you to thinking one is unsafe on an xterra?

    • Mike Revelle on

      Hi Korey, I appreciate the comment! My Xterra came with hollow plastic tubes as a roof rack, and they were rated very low for static and dynamic weight limits. My research on the topic led me to upgrade the roof rack if I were too put any significant weight up there or a roof top tent. I just couldn’t find any aftermarket racks I liked, and I wasn’t okay with how much a roof top tent overhung the roof due to how narrow an Xterras roof was. I’m sure it’s fine for some people, but I just did not feel comfortable with it.

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