Osprey Raptor 14 Cycling Backpack

I’ve got to admit.

When it comes to gear, I’m pretty much obsessed.

Any new shiny object that makes my life easier is something I’m constantly looking for, and when it came time to looking into backpacks for our extended biking trips I was told to check out Osprey, and that’s when we found the Osprey Raptor 14.

Cycling packs offer a few features that are specifically unique to them, for one (at least with Osprey) their straps are stitched into themselves so you don’t end up with hanging straps that can get sucked into your tires or chain.

The second feature I enjoy about cycling packs is how small they are compared to their size. Hiking and normal backpacks tend to bubble outwards while cycling packs are designed to stay as snug to your back as possible.

That feature is something I really appreciate in general, and especially while mountain biking.

Integrated Tool Roll and Pouch

Osprey Raptor 14 has a built in integrated tool roll pouch at the bottom of their packs.

Inside the zippered compartment is a removable tool roll that is big enough to fit a spare tire tube, tire gauge, bike tool, and a few other necessities when out in the middle of nowhere.




Helmet Storage

One thing that sets apart the Osprey Raptor 14 backpack is how it can store the helmet.

When it comes to transporting gear, I’m known to have bags for my bags. What I love about the Osprey Raptor 14 pack is that you can store the helmet protected inside the front compression pouch which is pretty large.

Also, if you’re using the compression pouch for other items, they have an integrated helmet lock on the top of the pack too.



Massive Front Stash Pouch

In the photos, I use this pouch primarily to store and transport my helmet, but when on the trail (and when I’m wearing my helmet) this massive pouch is perfect for keeping a rain jacket or layer for those times when the weather turns and you need to get it on fast.


Front Stretchy Pouch

At the very front of the pack, there is a buckled pouch that can stretch open pretty wide.


Key and Wallet Pouch

Also on the front of the pack, there is a zippered pouch with a key loop to clip your keys onto, as well as a few stretchy mesh pockets to store a wallet and cell phone. This is also a good place to put a snack or two!


Large Main Compartment

Backpacks are designed for their large primary compartment, and the Osprey Raptor 14 definitely doesn’t disappoint.

For a pack thats small enough to comfortably wear while biking, it can sure store a good amount of stuff.

Aside from a main compartment that can fit two decently sized layers, med kit, and other necessities. It also has two small narrow pouches that are perfect for storing a skinny bike pump.

As well as a good sized mesh pocket that you can use to store snacks or items you don’t want getting sucked to the bottom of the pack.


Sunglasses Pocket

No backpack is complete without the sunglasses pocket. The Osprey Raptor 14 has a massive sunglasses pocket that I actually use to store a small camera.


Padded Hip Belt with Mesh Pockets

The padded hip belt not only is very comfortable to wear, but the stretchy pockets are a perfect place for storing a snack (man I’m getting hungry) or some quick to get to items.


Large Mesh Back Panel

When out biking, it’s guaranteed that you will get sweaty. The Osprey Raptor 14 has a massive mesh back panel designed to get the moisture away from your back and vent to the sides to keep you cool and dry.


Magnetic Hydration Hose

Clutch to all Osprey packs, their famous magnetic clipping hydration hose comes in pretty handy to avoid the hose smacking you in the face when powering up hills.


Specific Hydration Pouch

One of the things I thought was very clever about the Osprey Raptor 14 backpack is how they managed the hydration pouch.

As is becoming standard on most hiking packs, the industry is moving away from storing the hydration pouch inside the main backpack compartment and putting it between the mesh back panel and main compartment.

What Osprey has done was not only create it’s own dedicated hydration pouch, but one that zippers all the way from the mid back of the pack all the way up onto the shoulder strap.

This makes putting the hydration pouch in and out of the pack incredibly easy, while also managing the hose to ensure it stays secure with no bobbing or rising.



Hydration Pouch Included

As with most Osprey packs, they generously include their hydration reservoir.


Find the Osprey Raptor 14 Backpack at REI

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