Our Little Blog Grew Up!

Phew! It’s been nearly two years since I started a blog called Hike Northeast.

The goal was simple, I wanted to create a resource for New England Hikers on anything and everything from hiking.

When I first got into the hiking world back in 2011, I could barely find any information on hiking and had to resort to trial and error or talking to professionals to get any information about what I really needed to know.

I began creating blog posts from what I learned, and it all went up from there.

People Change

Hike Northeast gained a decent amount of traction, in some months I was averaging 2000 readers, and our Facebook page grew to 3500 followers.

These numbers mean a lot to me, because my goal was never to start a blog for content, but more so to share the things I learned so people like me who were also getting started in Hiking could learn too.

But, people change. Over the last year as time became scarce I noticed my interest in hiking was being divided among other activities I enjoyed; like biking, kayaking, camping, and most recently building my off road 4×4 rig.

This meant less time to devote to just Hiking content, and that made me feel like I was letting my readers down.

New Beginnings

As with all things, they must grow and change to stay current and interesting. As with my own interests, Hike Northeast must too grow and change.

That’s why Hike Northeast is now becoming apart of Discover the Adventure!

What’s different? Nothing.

It’s just an expanded space for me and Megan to share our learnings, interests, resources, and information on all things outdoor. Including Hiking, Camping, Off Road 4×4, Paddling, and of course some of our personal adventures and thoughts.

Hike Northeast was very specific and narrowly focused, and Discover the Adventure is very broad.

It allows us to go in all sorts of new directions and adventures, and hopefully take you along for the ride.

It’s Your Choice

For my dedicated Hike Northeast followers, you’ll notice a few changes to the design and layout, but everything that was on HikeNortheast.com is now all available here on Discover the Adventure under the Hike Tab.

If all that interests you is Hiking, then just subscribe to our hiking tab. If your interested in any of our other tabs, click on over and subscribe to those too.

What to Expect

Soon, you’ll notice that the Hike Northeast website will forward to Discover the Adventure, and some of our social media will be changing too. Our Hike Northeast Facebook page will soon be turned into Discover the Adventure as well as our Twitter and Instagram accounts too.

If your subscribed to our email list, it’ll be dusted off and the subscribers will be moved into our Hike tab only, and we’ll leave it up to you to explore and check out the other tabs if you wish.

Thank You

I appreciate all of you for taking the time and joining us on this incredible journey, and I hope that you would continue to join us as we move forward.

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    • Mike Revelle on

      We bought Snowshoes at the end of the 2014 Winter Season, defiantly have some great adventures planned for snowshoeing this coming winter!

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