Hiking in the Backwoods of Maine

A few weeks back, before Christmas and the holidays hit Megan and I were invited to spend a few days at her friend Molly’s cabin in the back woods of Maine over New Years weekend.

When you don’t get out much, and typically spend adventures outside camping in a tent — we decided a nice warm cabin in the backwoods of Maine would be an absolutely perfect weekend adventure.

Traveling and New Boots

Despite staying up way to late on New Years Eve, we had begrudgingly set our alarms to wake up at 7am so we could leave by 7:30am.

We had packed all of our stuff the night before, so it was just a matter of getting up, getting dressed, packing the car, and leaving.

We packed the car and began our journey north. Stoping in Walpole, MA to pickup Molly and then set our course for Maine.

However, after a quick Google search led us to find out we were passing an REI on the way up, we decided to stop in for some not-so-quick boot shopping.

Megan has been making due with her Merrell Day Hiker Boots for awhile now, and although they are amazing boots they are unfortunately not all season all weather boots.

After trying on three different types, and then multiple sizes of each type she settled on the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots.

We checked out, put it on the REI credit card and much to Molly’s excitement were then finally on our way north.

Arriving to the Cabin

With most of our drive on the highway, when we finally exited and began twisting and turning our way through Maine we came up to a long snowed in dirt driveway.

I put my Nissan Xterra Pro-4X in four wheel drive and 2nd gear and trudged my way down the snow covered trail and up to the house. (In automatic I could have totally made it, but I couldn’t resist pushing some buttons and acting like I was actually off roading!)

Once we got settled into the house and Molly got the wood stoves going we decided to go adventure around her 100 acres of land which we were going to be exploring all weekend.




Dinner, Sleep, Repeat

After our short little hike around the property we decided to head back to the cabin and hangout for the rest of the night. I rested and napped on the couch as Megan and Molly played some games.

Earlier in the day before we had arrived to the cabin, we had stopped at hannafords to shop for some food for the weekend. We opted for Mexican burritos for night one and bacon burgers for night two.

Megan in the midst of her game with Molly made our Mexican dinner, and soon after at about 9pm we decided to head off to bed so we could get an early start the next day.

Day Two

We woke up at about 7:30am, and to my excitement Molly already had coffee on.

I quickly made myself a cup and waited for Megan to get situated and start breakfast. (of the two of us, she definitely earns the title of chef. My sad cooking skills stop at boiling water for pasta.)

Megan made us scrambled egg sandwiches with bacon and man they are even better with a misty foggy view of Mount Washington off in the distance.

Hiking in the Backwoods of Maine

Once breakfast was all cleaned up, we put on our winter hiking gear again. I got to try out my brand new REI Crestrail Rain Pants (which are perfect as a lightweight snow pant or weather shell), and Megan had her new Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Boots on.

With Molly as our trail guide we headed off into her massive untouched property and quickly found ourselves bushwhacking and forging our own trails.

We found a small river and hiked along side of it before then turning back towards the heart of her property.

Shortly after we came across where a few deer had been bedding the night before, and it was so neat to see there body prints in the snow along with their hoof marks.

We hiked for another miles or so passing the time and being amongst the mountains and cold air, criss crossing through trees until we finally met back up with a main path locals use as a snow mobile trail.

Before heading back to the cabin and warming up, we stopped to enjoy the epic sunset. I had only wished it was clearer because apparently on clear skies this time of year the sun sets over Mount Washington in the distance.

Maybe next time.





Epic UNO Game, Bed, and traveling home

When we got back to the cabin and fired up the wood stoves, we took out the game UNO and taught Molly our version of the game.

We played for hours until it was way late in the night, battling it out for who was the winner of our epic Maine UNO tournament.

The score was 8 Mike, 8 Megan, and 6 Molly in a race to 9, Megan stole the glory as she beat us just before 10:30pm.

Exhausted from the great day hiking and hanging out with good company, we settled into bed knowing we’d be heading back to normal in the morning.

After waking up at 7:30am again, Megan made delicious Mexican Breakfast Burritos with the left over taco meat and scrambled eggs.

We cleaned the house and restocked the firewood for whoever Molly was bring to the cabin next, and began our long journey home.

– – – – – – – – – –

We had an absolutely incredible New Years weekend in Maine, we wish it would have never ended. Huge thanks to Molly for being an amazing host and friend for the weekend. Heres to hoping we get to come back soon!

Question: What did you do over New Years weekend? Go on any good adventures like us?

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