Goose Gear 4Runner Drawer System

Last June, we decided that instead of building our own DIY Rear Storage System we would just buy one. All throughout 2017, we were short on time and extremely busy and just wanted something purpose-built for us.

After doing some research, we settled on Goose Gear after their incredible reputation and the styling of their storage systems.

It’s no lie that Goose Gear is the premium option, and it was pretty expensive. But after pricing out all of the materials they used on my system as if I was going to do it myself, I quickly realized what I was paying for — and that right there was enough to know the value.

Originally, we were interested in the fridge slide and 12-inch drawer, but when it came time to place our order we just went for the drawer and required bottom plate.

It took 8 weeks to receive our order, and it was incredibly well packaged.

After quickly removing the 4Runner’s rear carpet, the bottom plate bolted into the factory holes (which was incredibly refreshing to not have to drill anything.) Then the drawer bolted to the bottom plate.

Boom. Done. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Since throughout 2017 we were pretty quiet on this blog, we didn’t post about it. But we did post some pictures up on Instagram.

After 6 months of having the Goose Gear system, we can say we’re pretty pumped about it.

When we are out on adventures, we use the drawer as the pantry and kitchen tool drawer. Anything we want near the top like snacks, spices, knives, you name it it’s easily accessible in the drawer.

When we’re back home, the drawer becomes the placeholder for the tool roll, air tools, fire extinguisher, and other knickknacks that would otherwise just roll around the truck.

And if we do need the drawer out of the truck, it’s 5 minutes and 8 simple bolts with a ratchet and we have the full rear cargo area back.

My only two complaints with the entire system is that #1 the drawer could be bigger, which isn’t Goose Gears fault at all, and #2 the line-x type protection that is on the bottom plate system, (which is clearly top-notch and incredibly durable) actually ends up scratching the hell out of stuff I put on it. I’ve even had a bag rip due to its aggressive surface.

But both of those negatives are easy to work around, and Goose Gear makes up for it with their top-shelf service, incredible workmanship, and just an overall bomber product.

10/10 would recommend!

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