Gear Review: The North Face Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots

When I first got into hiking, I knew one of the biggest investments I was going to make was purchasing a good pair of hiking boots. Something that would last me a long time, be very durable, waterproof, and just overall look badass. When I was doing my research I was looking into time-tested boots like Merrill, Salomon, and the North Face.

When it came time to actually purchasing my boots, The North Face Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots really stuck out to me as a perfect boot. It was in the price range I was looking for had all the featured I wanted like durability and being waterproof. AND like all North Face products comes with a pretty hefty guarantee.

Over the last two years, I’ve roughed it out pretty good with the Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots. Sunk them in water, trekked in the snow, hiked up and down mountains, you name it. These boots have really been a life saver. What I liked best was how quickly they broke into my feet. Only a few short hikes from brand new and I felt the boot being completely comfortable and ready to roll.


I love these Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots because I can take them through the paces. Whether its deep puddles, snow, you name it – these boots do well. I’ve never had any seepage from deep puddles or even felt the cold through the snow pairing these boots with warm socks. I’m continually impressed.


The sole of these Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots comes hardwired with deep grooves designed to keep you stuck to the trail. I especially like the type of rubber used on the bottom of these boots. I’ve hiked almost seemingly vertical rock faces without slipping and managed to go up and down Mount Tecumseh with only one fall (completely my fault). These boots keep you stuck to the trail!


As I mentioned above, these Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots broke into my feet extremely fast. I don’t think shoes even break in that quickly. I liked how fast I went from moderate short hikes to long challenging ones without having to doctor my foot due to hot spots, rubbing, or even blisters. These boots keep my feet comfortable and dry.


The North Face, coming into 2013 redesigned the Hedgehog line of boots and turned them into the Hedgehog Guide GTX Tall Boot. Which although doesn’t look as badass as my Hedgehog III GTX Hiking Boots, it is still as functional with all the top of the line features. I would highly recommend my friends to buy these boots. I’ve really enjoyed the features, and with the price someplace in the middle it makes it a high quality, trail ready boot.

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