Gear Review: REI Rainwall Jacket

It began as a nice calm hike on the trail with the sun was out and just a few clouds, until once we reached near the top — everything changed.

It seemed like all of a sudden the heavens opened up and a bucket of water was dropped from the sky. Within a matter of minutes everything was soaking wet with little streams flowing down the trail.

We stopped under the cover of a tree and started to gear up for the very wet hike ahead of us.

I made sure all of my essentials and non-waterproof items were inside my dry sack in my pack, and I put my REI duck cover over my entire pack to try my best to keep it dry.

But for my favorite piece of rain gear, I put on my REI Rainwall Jacket.


Overall Impression

I’ve had the REI Rainwall jacket for a little over two years now, and since purchasing it, the jacket has been through some pretty grueling conditions.

The REI Rainwall jacket has served as my rain gear on runs, hikes in the mountains, as my winter shell when it snowed, or even as a wind barrier when it was extremely windy.

This jacket is the perfect all around weather shell, at an incredibly affordable price.


The first feature of the REI Rainwall jacket that I really love is how compact and storable it is. As a hiker who likes a lot of stuff out on the trail, keeping pack weight down and everything compact is a struggle and a must.

The REI Rainwall Jacket packs into its own pocket for a very nice compact storage, and it’s extremely easy to stuff it all in there.

Not Just a Rain Jacket, It’s a Weather Shell:

As I mentioned above, this jacket is marketed as a rain jacket — but I honestly think it’s more of a bomber shell that can stand up to the elements.

Whether it was rain, snow, or wind it kept me dry and comfortable. And as advertised it can stand up to 60 mph winds which although I haven’t been able to test it to that extreme, It does keep the chill out.

Pockets and Features:

As for the REI Rainwall jacket’s features; It has a nice chest pocket for storing some quick items and two hand pockets near the bottom of the jacket which if you are wearing a pack, they get covered.

The inside collar where the zipper meets has a nice soft material so it doesn’t rub and scratch your neck or chin, and the zip off hood also has a hard brim to keep the weather out of your face.



The final feature I really enjoyed about the REI Rainwall jacket was how fitted yet roomy it was.

I’m not a fan or overly sized hiking shells that are purposely huge so you can stack layers on underneath.

In the colder temperatures their perfect because your under layers help keep the extra fabric taught, however in the warmer seasons it just feels awkward having such a big jacket on.

This jacket finds a happy medium, It’s roomy enough for a sweatshirt or mid layer jacket to be underneath but not so roomy that its baggy when you’ve got just a t-shirt on.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for an affordable weather proof shell that can stand up to the elements, and easily compact down to store inside a pack — this is the perfect shell for you.

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