Gear Review: REI Alpine Gaiters

I purchased the REI Alpine Gaiters last year right before spring because I knew that once the wet seasons hit I was going to want something to keep my feet and pants dry.

Since then I’ve used them in deep winter snow climbing Mount Whiteface, during wet muddy trails locally, and most recently hiking the Glen Boulder Trail in New Hampshire during downpours and flurries.

These Gaiters are bomb proof, and below are the features and reasons why I love them!

Easy to Put On

Putting the REI Alpine Gaiters on and off is incredibly easy.

And what I love most is that you can put them on without having to sit down, or slip them over your already muddy boots.

Let’s face it — by the time you realize you need Gaiters you’ve already trudged through a good amount of wet and have just now made this decision. So, the fact that the entire front is velcro makes life super simple.

Just unclasp the top button, un-velcro the seam, put them on from behind with the buckle strap underneath your boot and velcro in the front. From there, just clasp the top button and pull the red rip-stop tab over so it doesn’t accidentally un-velcro mid step.


Good Material and Well Made

On top of being simple, the REI Alpine Gator material is bomb proof. the lower part of the Gaiters are made of 1,000-denier ballistic nylon which basically means it virtually can’t rip and definitely won’t let water in.

The bottom strap that goes under the boot is made of a rugged Hypalon which is a rubbery material that grips to the boot and is super durable. I’ve put it to the test on some sharp rock and it hasn’t budged or frayed.

Adjustable and Comfortable

My worry with this type of gear is that it will restrict my movements or be cumbersome when I use them.

Everything about the REI Alpine Gaiters is adjustable, from the 2 inch thick velcro enclosure, the adjustable boot strap, the shock cord which puts pressure above the calve so it won’t slide down, and also the hook loop at the bottom of the gator to make sure the velcro doesn’t come undone!

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

If you haven’t already figured it out yet, I love the REI Alpine Gaiters. They’ve saved me from some damp, muddy, and wet conditions and they keep performing up to par with each additional step.

If you’re into mountaineering and decide to hike even when the weather isn’t 100% perfect, I’d highly recommend purchasing a pair of these. You won’t regret it!

See the REI Alpine Gaiters at REI by Clicking Here!

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