First Weekend in our #Hotel4Runner

Do you ever get that feeling like you just need to get away?

Yeah. About 5 weeks ago, we totally had that feeling — and then spent a solid week researching and trying to find a proper campground and campsite.

Apparently, mid-summer is the absolute worst time to try and plan a camping trip. We were hoping to go soon, but the earliest we could get a suitable campsite was 5 weeks away. Ouch.

After searching and searching, we were finally limited to Greenfield State Park in New Hampshire.

It Arrived!

The underlying reason for our trip, other than just wanting to get away for a bit, was the fact that I’ve been building up my Toyota 4Runner into an Off Road Overlander, and we just passed a major milestone.

Our Treeline Outdoors Rooftop Tent FINALLY arrived from Canada!

We’ve been in talks with Treeline Outdoors since October 2015, and we’ve been patiently waiting (as in emailing them once a week) for their new 3rd Generation tents to arrive!

After spending a week in US Customs, the tent arrived in one piece and I’ve been dying to get to use it in a legitimate setting that’s not my driveway.

Packing and Preparing

I spent all week preparing for our 4 days in Greenfield State Park in New Hampshire: refit the roof rack, mounted the rooftop tent, organized all of the gear, and even pulled out the rear seats of the 4Runner so we could drop 100 pounds of weight.

It was now Friday morning, the day we were leaving for New Hampshire, and we planned to leave bright and early. And when I say bright and early, I mean we made exactly 4 stops before even leaving town…

  • Market Basket to purchase extra groceries
  • Dunkin Donuts because we’re from New England
  • My mom’s house to fill our water tank with water that doesn’t taste like dirt
  • Target to get sheets for the Rooftop Tents vinyl mattress.

After an hour and a half of “errands,” we finally embarked on the two hour journey north. (You’d think we were driving cross country or something?)

Arriving at Greenfield State Park Campground

We pulled into the campground around 2pm, quickly checked into the camp office, and then found our campsite nicely tucked away. I strategically picked this site because of how crowded the other sites seemed to look.

Then, for the first time ever, set up our full camp setup which I’m now dubbing, #Hotel4Runner.


Setting Up Camp

After we set up camp, we decided to make our way back to the camp office to grab some firewood, which then turned into a one mile round trip having to haul 20 pounds of firewood on my shoulders.

When we got back to camp, we were starving from the days travel and rush to get there. We settled on pasta and meatballs which was a perfect test for our Camp Chef Stove and GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Cook set.




After dinner, we went for a little walk to try and catch the sunset, but unfortunately got there just a few minutes too late. We headed back to camp and cozied up in our Treeline Outdoors Tamarack Constellation Rooftop Tent for the first time.

Saturday Morning

We woke up to the rain beating down on our rooftop tent, and we could see it running down the tents skylights.

Our first night in the rooftop tent was amazing. It was incredibly comfortable and kept us dry despite heavy rain. What we enjoyed most was having windows and vents open allowing us to see the outdoors.

Typical ground tents are sealed up tight during poor weather, which hides most of the views, but our rooftop tent provided circulating air and great views the entire time.

Continental Breakfast Courtesy of #Hotel4Runner

By 9am, the rain had died down and we climbed down from our rooftop tent.

One of the perks of our #Hotel4Runner setup is that all of our community areas are protected with cover. The annex on the tent allows for a fully enclosed room, the rear kitchen area is covered by the 4Runner’s rear tailgate, and the sitting/table area has a large awning that covers it entirely.

We almost wished it was still raining so we could put the gear to its full test.

We broke out the camp kitchen gear and Megan got to work on our egg and sausage sandwiches. She always makes amazing food for us.



 The Lake was the Best Part

After a day of relaxing and hanging out, we found ourselves by the lake for some swimming.

Of everything this campground has to offer, the lake was hands down the best part of the entire experience. It was clean, very large, and even despite the weekend, wasn’t crowded at all.

The water was pretty warm, and with the sun beating down, it was the perfect refreshment for the middle of a humid and hot day.


Why does it always go by so fast?

By Monday morning, I found myself asking this.

In fact, pretty much the last day of any epic trip I usually end up asking myself this, and despite a fun filled packed weekend, it was great to get away and relax. We ended our last night in Greenfield State Park by eating dinner by the lake with the sunset.

It was the perfect last night we could have had, and the sunset definitely did not disappoint.



Last Minute Kayak Trip

On Monday morning, we woke up, ate some quick cereal, and packed up camp.

Since check out was at 11am, we still had a day pass to the lake. We parked in the “campers” parking lot and then setup our 15 foot inflatable tandem kayak.

This was the perfect end of an otherwise relaxing trip. We paddled around the lake for an hour or two, before making the two hour drive back home to our regular work week.


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