April 2017: The Woes of Adventure

Challenges are what makes an adventure fun, right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a planner and strategist.

I like to get all of my ducks in a row before I make a decision and take action on the things I want to accomplish.

This winter has been full of challenges that we’re just out of my control.

We’re basically at the end of getting the #Hotel4Runner prepared for the 2017 season of adventures, and it seems like what should have been simple upgrades is just taking forever.

For example, in January I ordered a new suspension for the 4Runner, and despite Toytec’s website saying it was in stock, I ended up waiting 8 weeks to get all of the parts shipped to me.

They cherry-picked pieces of the suspension to send to me every few weeks. Which forced me to reschedule my install 3 times. Toytec says it was all ICON’s fault (the manufacturer) and I believe them, but then don’t sell a product that’s out of stock as in stock.

The good news is that the suspension was finally installed by Toyota, and that wasn’t without some issues with the install and just plain poor customer service. But alas, it was completed.

Next up was the install of a massive 150ah dual battery system, new switches, and the roof top tents lighting and power module all to install, but the delays of the suspension and the lack of good weather severely pushed these plans back.

By Mid-April, we finally got the dual battery system installed. We choose a kit by the amazing Off Grid Engineering. The build quality was second to none, and we’re really loving where this system is going to take us.

Next on the list is to finish up our DIY-SPod, I say SPod mainly because it’s the term used online, but realistically it’s just a custom Relay and Fuse panel so I can use my own switches and have the flexibility to expand without spending $800+ on a closed non-upgradable system.

Once the DIY-SPod is installed, we can install the lights and power module for the Roof Top Tent and finally be in a good enough place to start our adventures for the season.

On a funny side note, earlier in the year when I was waiting for all the suspension to arrive, The only project I was able to complete from January to March was putting running boards on the 4Runner… which hilariously Toyota wanted to charge me $250 to install, and doing it myself with a single socket wrench took me literally 10 minutes and 6 bolts.



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